Jyoti Verhoeff 19 augustus 2023

Zaterdag 19 augustus, 20.30 uur

Jyoti Verhoeffpiano,  zang & compositie 
Fraukje Ramona Weishauptbasklarinet
Siem Ranousetikopercussie

About Jyoti Verhoeff:
Jyoti Verhoeff is a singer-songwriter, composer and pianist. At the age of four, she discovered the expressionistic power of the grand piano, while visiting the house of composer Simeon ten Holt, a friend of the family. She started playing by herself at the age of eight when her parents bought her a piano.
Having been born with disabled eye vision, she had to find ways beyond the usual ways of studying music to express her rich inner world through the piano and with her voice. Because of her dedication and unique talent for music she was able to develop a virtuoso piano technique and an authentic, organic and intuitive style of composing.

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